Food for thought

Believe it or not, food is not the enemy. It’s your best ally. Just as an engine runs most effectively with the use of high-grade fuel, your body needs quality nutrition to perform its best. And
because it also impacts your results, Union Performance offers clients nutritional guidance. With a degree in nutritional sciences from the University of Texas, owner Tiffany Syfan combines her
book knowledge with real life experience to help clients reach their goals — from weight loss to bulking up to better athletic performance.

Whether you are simply looking for meal plans or you need help completely changing your relationship with food, Tiffany can provide nutritional guidance to help you give your body what
it needs. Using a simple dietetic software, she can help you track your nutritional intake, determine caloric requirements and provide meal plans while allowing you to keep a food log, record
workouts and send messages in real time — all from your smart phone. Once you’re armed with the knowledge of what works for your individual metabolism, you’ll be able to make smart food
choices day to day that work with your body, not against it.


What comes out of your mouth is almost as important as what goes into it. A positive attitude can make or break you.
— Tiffany Syfan, owner and fitness coach