For Any Body and Every Body

Any body can change. Need proof? Union Performance owner Tiffany Syfan is a walking testimonial to the power of exercise and proper nutrition. And she has the mind, body — and pictures
— to prove it!

Through hard work and dogged determination, Tiffany overcame the challenges of addiction and an eating disorder to completely transform her physique and her life. Now as a personal trainer with a degree in nutritional science from the University of Texas, she brings that same relentless spirit to every training session. Her unique perspective — paired with her no-nonsense-but-
positive approach — will keep you engaged, encouraged and motivated. (That, and the occasional kick in the butt.) With her help, you can learn to live a healthier, more empowered
life every day.

Not only does Union Performance offer remote training, but we also offer up close and personal in-home training within the Dallas area. So whether you are 1,000 miles away or right here in
the DFW Metroplex, you have access our expertise, and the benefit of a customized training program.


I’ve seen fitness and nutrition completely change lives from the inside out — starting with mine. When clients hear my story, they realize anything is possible.
— Tiffany Syfan, owner and fitness coach